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How to start cloud kitchen

Restaurants can start cloud kitchen from their closed restaurants by signing up with deliver apps like Uber Eat, Just Eat and Deliveroo. You can launch several brand and concepts under cloud kitchen easily and more quickly than restaurant as compare to restaurants cloud kitchen requires less budget.

How you can start Cloud Kitchen from your restaurants :-

Let me explain you in pointed ways on how you can do this let's first start with Restaurant and so on.

Restaurant :- In order to start cloud kitchen during this virus crisis you have to make sure you divide different sections for delivery and preparation station in order be safe and follow government advice on maintaining distance. You might need to use your sitting ares of the restaurant as well to make sure those who will deliver food won't come anywhere near preparation and delivery station.

Menu :- You might need to change menu keeping in mind current crisis and not everyone will be able to afford high priced food so you have to keep that in mind. Make sure to add few veg and non veg thali and meal deals , offers etc to attract customers.

Location:- Location play key role in cloud kitchen so proper area research , order frequency research and proper area audit should be carried out before selecting any area.

Marketing :- Social media marketing can be key in attracting people to buy food for this you have to make small video on what precautions you are taking and how you are preparing and packing food. Also don't forget to market new menu and offers as well on social media.

Packing :- Make sure you use proper takeaway packing and follow all government guidelines on this to make sure your packing and food is safe from any infection.

Staff :- Make sure your staff done use same shoes they wear outside inside food preparing and packing area and all section must have sanitizers , gloves , head caps and closed dustbins.

Covid 19 Precaution :- No staff should be allowed if you see them coming without mask and gloves ,make sure to take temperature before allowing them inside. Also install sanitizers , gloves ,head caps on enterence and outside kitchen , staff areas.

Pricing :- Make sure your meals and food pricing is not too high and should be as per area you are in or design menu in a way you have everything for every type of people. Your usual restaurant menu might not work specially for Michelin and top restaurants because not everyone can afford so make sure to have something for everyone. Operating cost of cloud kitchen is low compare to restaurant so price will low.

Delivery :- You can use your own staff for delivery but then you might need to follow lots of do's and don't like not allowing delivery staff inside preparation and packaging area , not coming in direct contact with customers ask then to keep small chair outside where you will keep food so that you are not in direct contact while giving food, list is big so I will like to recommend you to use delivery apps like Uber Eats , Just Eats and Deliveroo. But if anyone like to use own network its all different process and we can guide you on this but we will recommend you to use delivery apps to be safe. Don't give food to any delivery staff if he is not wearing mask and gloves on top don't forget to take temperature before giving food.

Web Presence :- You can market you cloud kitchen on your restaurant website and can take orders on your website as well but if any restaurant don't have web presence then we will list them free on our website to help them. You can also use facebook page for taking order just make sure you Fb and social media accounts have your WhatsApp number and mobile number.

Video Marketing :- Because of this coronavirus crisis people are scared to order so you must make a video on what precautions you are taking to make sure food prepration and delivery is safe , also don't forget to market that video on all social media pages.

How to market yourself on Fb and Instagram :- When you market something on facebook and Instagram they ask you for address , location and radius ( how far you like to market your advert from location you select) where you would like your adverts to be shown so don't forget to write your Restaurant address or area you are targeting so that you can get good response from your advertisement on social media. If you mention your restaurant address then chances are you will receive many or at least few orders from your area.

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