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Support Local Restaurants|London

Tough time for Restaurants and they need all the support #London #Exmouth

Tough time for restaurants and Bars ahead but if we all want we can help save them so that they don't end up closing their doors and we can do this by ordering directly on restaurant website. When we order directly from restaurant website restaurant save 17 % to 25 % commission which delivery companies like Just Eat , Uber etc takes. Deliveries companies are enjoying good time that's why they are not carrying about struggling restaurants at all.Many restaurants in London , Exmouth are not getting any orders on top these delivery company don't even care to help struggling restaurant by changing menu or adding pictures. In many cases restaurant owners are struggling to even get their menu , pictures changed.

We would like to request everyone please please save our industry by ordering directly on restaurant system instead of using just eat , uber eat.

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Restaurant in Exmouth

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Restaurant in London

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