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Tripadvisor failed in Protecting Restaurants.

Why tripadvisor is not taking any action on fake and bully reviews. @tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is very big platforms and its sad that they are failed in protecting restaurants against fake , bully and intentionally bad reviews. Poor and failed system of Tripadvsior don't protect restaurants against fake reviews and on top they don't even care to support and protect restaurant against these type of people. More shocking thing is that they don't even have grievance officer to support restaurants if they want to complain about fake reviews.

Lets see few example now

Above pictures are best example of how fake and bully reviews are damaging restaurant industry and Tripadvisor is not doing anything at all. Do tripadvisor got any proof that this particular guest visited restaurant answer will be no. Now lets talk about this particular case,

If you notice in above picture in one review guest reviewed harshly which was removed by Tripadvisor but this bully didn't stopped here at all she reviewed again all fake accusation and tripadvsior did nothing at all to support restaurant.

In above case she mentioned about bad oil and food colour which shows she never visited restaurant because this particular Restaurant don't use artificial colours at all which anyone can check and papadums are their main attraction because they are completely oil free so how come she found bad oil smelling papadums. This doesn't end here because her booking was no where to be found so restaurant requested her to email details when she visited and pictures of food which she never replied. This shows how few bullies are harassing restaurants and how tripadvisor is failing in protecting restaurants.

In this particular case guest liked food gave 9 out of 10 but only because he hated singer who's song was getting played in restaurant he did fake and bully review to damage restaurant image and Tripadvisor did nothing at all. This particular guest behaved like thankless person specially when restaurant allowed his dog out of good gesture which generally they don't allow and even his family enjoyed food and thanked owner multiple times. we can go on and on their are many examples how restaurants got harassed on tripadvisor.

We request Tripadvisor to take some concrete actions appoint grievance officer to support restaurant owners against fake and bully reviews,


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