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Ritu's - London

Ritu's Restaurant Enter the list of Best Wine & Dine Restaurant in London

Ritu's Restaurant Enter the list of Best Wine & Dine Restaurant in London. As its name suggests, Ritu is inspired by the distinctive seasons of India and the seasonal culinary art that adapts to the local produce. From forty degree heat in high summer, through to months of never ending rain in Monsoon Season, the land and the produce grown in India is ever changing.

The focus is on the six Indian seasons that differentiates from the four seasons of western nations. Each season yields different ingredients. Intense summer temperatures yield mangoes and cooling buttermilk. Endless rains during the monsoons bring forth cravings for samosa and chai. Winters are best for saag and makki ki roti, undhiyu and sweets made from nolen gur (palm jaggery). The rhythm, flow and transformation that these seasons bring to the natural landscape translate into everything from menu through to the décor.

This dining experience is infused with distinctiveness and elegance.

Average A la carte price starts from £4 and goes to £20 you can enjoy a nice meal keeping in mind amount of choices and variety in the menu on top Ritu's also have vegan menu for vegan food lovers.

Ritu's tasting menu price £75 for non veg (Veg Option Available £70)

3 Course Set Menu price £20 per person

For more menu options please visit restaurant website

Restaurant Website :-

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