• Ayush Mehta

Chourangi Restaurant- London

Chourangi Restaurant Enters the list of Best Wine and Dine Restaurant in London @chourangildn

Chourangi Restaurant Enters the list of Best Wine and Dine Restaurant in London, Just a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus, Chourangi is situated at 3 Old Quebec Street, bringing 300 year old Calcutta cuisine to the heart of London. Chourangi celebrates the harmonious blend of European, Mogul and Chinese cultures and food that has evolved in Calcutta, a place known as ‘the city of joy’ in India. The menu features contemporary takes on dishes eaten in Calcutta, drawing inspiration from the people, culture and culinary traditions of a city where there is always a reason to celebrate. Chourangi menu balances authenticity with a modern zest and sensibility, Chourangi features street food inspired dishes and sharing plates. Every plate is embellished with tantalisingly fresh, seasonal ingredients, to ensure expertly crafted & curated flavours, such as the Tangra Chilly Chicken; a stir-fried chicken with the ultimate kick of “bhut-jholakia’s”; fierce Scoville chilies, garlic, coriander and herb-soy and an elevated take on the simple curry bowl in the form of Prawn Pardanashi, featuring tiger prawns, creamy coconut milk and crushed coriander stem.

Average A la carte price starts from £8 and goes to £20 you can enjoy a nice meal keeping in mind amount of choices and variety in the menu.

For more information about restaurant , booking and menu please visit restaurant website. Restaurant Website :- https://chourangi.co.uk/

Menu :- https://chourangi.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Chourangi-Website-Food-Menu_B4_30-10-21.pdf

For Reservation :- https://chourangi.co.uk/bookings/