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Vaasu by Atul Kochhar | London

Vaasu Restaurant Enter the list of Best Wine & Dine Restaurant in London

Vaasu Restaurant Enter the list of Best Wine & Dine Restaurant in London. VAASU - PAN INDIAN CUISINE IN THE GOURMET TOWN OF MARLOW

Vaasu stays true to Atul Kochhar’s passion for gastronomical discovery, offering sensational Indian plates inspired by Chef’s intrepid travels across. The approach to dining at Vaasu is simple; first-class, friendly and full of flavour.

"The states across India offer a bounty of beautiful flavours, aromas and spices – from places where the tandoor oven and tawa griddle are kitchen essentials. Our restaurant Vaasu brings all of this inspiration together, celebrating the life and culture of India through a menu of magnificent dishes, including many vegetarian and vegan."

Marlow's Gastronomic Destination VAASU INDIAN RESTAURANT IS MARLOW'S BRAND-NEW GASTRONOMIC DESTINATION BY TWICE-MICHELIN-STARRED CHEF ATUL KOCHHAR. Vaasu joins Atul's successful Sindhu restaurant in the heart of this gorgeous gourmet destination in Buckinghamshire. VAASU — THE NEW RESTAURANT ON MARLOW'S CHAPEL STREET — ENCAPSULATES THE SPIRIT OF ATUL KOCHHAR’S PASSION FOR GASTRONOMICAL DISCOVERY. The laidback restaurant offers sensational Indian cuisine that is packed with flavour, with dishes inspired by the chef's native home, from Punjab to Rajasthan. A SHOWCASES OF THE FINEST INDIAN CUISINE, PAYING PARTICULAR HOMAGE TO NORTH AND PUNJAB, DELHI AND RAJASTHAN. Featuring a selection of appetisers, main courses, sides, rice, breads and accompaniments, Vaasu serves unpretentious dishes, bringing to life the essence of Indian cuisine. Explore a bounty of beautiful flavours, aromas and spices in dishes such as Aloo Shakarkandi Chaat (warm salad of smoked potatoes, sweet potatoes and yoghurt foam); Murg Bemisaal (Free-range chicken Tikka, chutney grilled, crispy wing) and Changezi Chaapein (smoked Kashmiri chili, marinated Tandoori lamb cutlet, aubergine chutney and Feta cheese) Rich and aromatic main courses include Purani Dilliwala Tandoori Murg Aur Makhani (Old Delhi-style classic Tandoori chicken supreme, butter chicken, corn salad and mint; Bhuna Ajwaini Jhinga Aur Machhi (grilled prawns & monkfish with peppers, onion and tomato Tawa Masala) and Mewari Khaas Maas 'Classic and Contemporary' (roasted rump of best Lake District lamb, Masala turnips, clove-smoked shoulder curry). The choice of Vaasu sides and accompaniments continues the culinary journey around India, featuring gorgeous dishes such as Khatta Meetha Kadoo (sweet & sour Pumpkin with Punch Phoran); Bataun Da Bharta (Tandoori-smoked aubergine with green peas) and the delightful Ma Di Daal (Mama Kochhar's signature black or tempered yellow lentils).

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