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Tip of the day for Restaurants

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Time to restrategise Restaurants , Bar and cafe operations.

Government is now fighting from front foot to help revive Hospitality industry.

Below are few tips restaurants , bar , cafe can follow :-

1- Restaurant should launch DIY cooking kit and cocktail making kit this will attract a lot people who are still scared to go out and they will surely order this kit.

2- Stop using third party delivery partner use your staff to deliver food. Not only this is safe as you have full control but it will also save you 20% commission which delivery partner use to take 

3-  Run master class it can be online or allow only few people in.

4- Start planing on Voucher and offer for coming days or register under eat out and help out scheme.

5- Don't setup up tables in advance try not to allow anyone sit near bar area its should be empty for the safety of your bar staff. 

6- Instead of paper based menu use digital menu if restaurants don't have website then we will list them for free for digital menu.

7:- Use social media and Fb marking that's key to highlight your restaurants and this way you can attract more people.

Follow government guideline #staysafe #eatoutlondon #foodies #londonrestaurants

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