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Restaurant wine list selection

Updated: May 12, 2020

Restaurant industry is rapidly changing now a days and so do the way they design food and wine menu. Those days are over when we use to have page and pages of long wine list , now a days restaurants are more flavor conscious and they keep food concept in mind while designing wine list and some even take professional wine sommelier services for it. In todays competitive restaurant industry they prepare wine list that matches & goes with food concept and type.

Those days are over where mostly cabernet and chardonnay use to drive sales now a days wine are more diversify and exciting new wines are finding there way in the list , its not french & Italy anymore you have wines from USA , New Zealand , Australia also.

Key things to be kept in mind while designing your wine list

1- Wine list should be an extension of your food menu not opposite of it. If you keep your food menu type , your flavor in mind you won't be needing pages long wine and large inventory of hundreds of wine now a days if you see any top london restaurant you will see 61% red wine , 26% white wine, 7% sparkling , 1% rose , 5% desert . This ratio changes depends on restaurant to restaurant like in sea food restaurant you might see white wine ratio more and in Italian restaurant you will see red wine ratio more.

2- Make sure you have wine for all categories affordables range | High range | Premium range.

3- Layout you wine keeping in mind grape types then group them into region and wine type like bold , fruity etc.

4- Remember always work with chefs in order to design best wine list that will pair best with particular dish and your restaurant food menu.

5- Don't forget to add few classic wine but that depends on area of your restaurant for example in london mayfair you will find good ratio of classic wines from 2006 or even before period range.


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