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MIMI MEI FAIR Enters Britain's Best Wine & Dine List

MIMI MEI FAIR Enters Britain's Best Wine & Dine List, MiMi MEi FAIR takes you on an anecdotal culinary journey reflecting the flavoursome histories from china, one of the oldest civilisations on the earth. Their discreet dining experience references old world China through a sophisticated and intimate series of rooms while paying homage to its cultural eclecticism.

The kitchen is led by Chinese-Singaporean Executive Chef Peter Ho, who brings years of experience from the Michelin starred Lei Garden Singapore. Juxtaposing traditional cooking techniques with his diverse roots, Peter’s menu reflects authentic and innovative Chinese dishes inspired by Empress MiMi’s travels across Hong Kong, Singapore and the provinces of mainland China in particular Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian and Hunan.

Stepping off London’s busy Curzon Street into the resplendent rooms of MiMi’s private residence, MiMi Mei Fair is marriage of Chinese stylings from across the decades with China’s rich food heritage.

Restaurant spanning across three floors, and six rooms is where old fashioned oriental glamour meets modern day eclecticism. Throughout the design, Fabled Studio’s Tom Strother and MiMi Mei Fair’s founder, Samyukta Nair, have drawn inspiration from the Forbidden Palace of Beijing, ancient folklore tales and the whimsical era of 1920s Shanghai. Filled with trinkets, antiques and heirlooms from Samyukta’s personal collection and travels around the world, each room narrates a tale keeping with the ethos of MiMi Mei Fair.

MiMi Mei Fair Menu celebrates china's rich food heritage drawing inspiration from The Tang Dynasty Silk Road, the luxurious tea houses of the Ming Dynasty to the opulence of The Qing Dynasty and the 1920’s Shanghai Jazz age, MiMi Mei Fair reflects Empress MiMi’s travels across the world as she makes her way to her secluded London residence.

Average A la carte price starts from £12 and goes to £52 and sharing menu £88 per person you can enjoy a nice meal keeping in mind amount of choices and variety in the menu.

For more menu options please visit restaurant website.

For more information about restaurant , booking and menu please visit restaurant website.

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