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Learn how to make Top 5 Whisky based cocktails

Trickiest base ingredient to use in cocktails with a twist.

Whisky is the trickiest base ingredient to use in cocktails. The rich, sweet woody flavour of American Whiskey such as bourbon and rye , fruitiness of Canada whisky are better in this respect than Scotch.

For all recipes 1 measures taken as the standard bar measure, that is 25ml and standard 1/2 measure term used in the recipe.

Please no 1/2 is in measure not 1 full or 2 full.

Perfect Manhattan

2 measure rye whiskey

1/4 measure /1tsp dry vermouth

1/4 measure sweet red vermouth

1-Pour the whiskey and vermouths into a bar glass half-full of ice. Stir well for 30 seconds to mix and chill.

2-Strain on the rocks or straight up into a chilled cocktail glass.

3-Add small strip of lemon rind , tie it into a knot help release the oils from the rink and drop it into the cocktail.

4-Add Maraschino cherry with its stake left intact to finish the drink.

Mint Julep

15ml /1 tsp caster sugar it should be superfine

8-10 fresh mint leaves

2/3 measure /1 tsp hot water

2 measure bourbon

1-Place sugar in a bar glass

2-Tear mint leaves into small pieces and add them to the sugar. Bruise them with a pestle or use muddler to release their flavor and colour.

3-Add hot water and grind well together , spoon into a highball glass or any cocktail glass half-fill with crushed ice

4- Add bourbon, stir until the outside of the glass has frosted, allow to stand for couple of minutes until ice melts slightly and dilutes the drink.

New York

2 measure Canadian whisky or Scotch

5ml / 1 tsp super fine caster sugar

juice of half lime

dash grenadine

1-Stir all ingredients vigorously with ice in a pitcher and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

2-Squeeze a twist of lemon over the drink but don't drop in it.


1 -1/2 measure Bourbon

3/4 measure / 3 tsp Cointreau

dash grenadine

1/2 egg white

1-Shake all ingredients well with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

2-Garnish with half slice of lemon.

Gall Bracer

2 dash Angostura bitters

2 dash Grenadine

2 measure Bourbon or Rye whiskey

1- Half fill a bar glass with ice cube and add the Angostura bitters , Grenadine and whisky and stir well to chill.

2- Place some ice cubes in small tumbler glass or whisky glass and pour the cocktail over it.

3- Garnish it with maraschino cherry.

Test the recipe before serving and in 5th cocktail if you want to make it a long cocktail you can add mineral water or soda but recipe goes without it.


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