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Learn how to make Top 5 Brandy Based Cocktails

Learn how to make Top 5 Whisky based cocktails #london#bar#cocktailmasterclass @Cognac

For all recipes 1 measures taken as the standard bar measure, that is 25ml and standard 1/2 measure term used in the recipe.

Please no 1/2 is in measure not 1 full or 2 full.

Brandy Cocktail

Over time, this drink become modified to include Cointreau instead of curacao, a little sugar syrup and a dash of angostura. However, the earliest versions of it are nothing more than cognac with soupcon of bitterness.

1 1/2 measure /6 tsp cognac

2 dashes orange curacao

  • Stir the ingredients gently with ice in a bar glass and then strain into a brandy balloon. Do not garnish.

Brandy Fix

A fix is a mixture of spirits with lemon juice, sweetening and in this case another alcohol flavour, with the shell of the lemon and a pile of ice left in the drink for good measure.

5ml sugar

juice and rind of half a lemon

1 1/2 measure /6tsp cognac

3 tsp cherry brandy

  • Dissolve the sugar in a little water in the bottom f small tumbler and then fill it with crush ice.

  • Add the lemon juice and alcohol and stir the drink well.

  • Drop in the squeezed lemon rind.

Bonnie Prince Charlie

As name indicates, this drink contain Drambuie, the liqueur that was given to Prince Charlie by the MacDonald family on his flight to Skye. The mixture is a strong one, but one that seems to do justice to the liqueur.

1/2 orange

1 lemon

2 measure cognac

1 sugar cube

1/2 measure /2 tsp Kahlua

  • Pare the rind from orange and lemon, remove and discarding as much of the white pith as possible.

  • Put the cognac, sugar cube, lemon and orange rind in a small pan. Heat gently, then remove from the heat, light a match and pass the flame close to the surface of the liquid.The alcohol will burn with a low, blue flame for about a minute.

  • Blow out the flame, add the Kahlua to he pan and strain into a heat- resistant glass.

  • Garnish with a cocktail stick threaded with orange rind and serve warm.

  • The traditional mix of this world famous cocktail is half-and-half Benedictine and good brandy (Cognac for preference), stirred not shaken, and not usually iced. In fact for true authenticity, you dont even need stirrer. The two drinks are simply poured into a balloon glass, the brandy first and drink swirled in the hand before being passed to its recipient. No garnish but time to time people have added their own touch.

Brandy Smash

The excitingly named Smash is essentially a miniaturized julep or mint julep. It may be made with any spirit but particularly successful with brandy.

5ml caste superfine sugar

4 mint leaves

2 measure Cognac

1 measure Soda water

  • Dissolve the sugar in a little water in a tumbler, add mint leaves and press them into the sugar solution to express some of the juices.

  • Put in a couple of ice cube and then add the brandy and stir vigorously.

  • Add soda squeeze a piece of lemon rind over the top of the drink and decorate with half slice of orange.

Brandy Crusta

The sweet frosted rim is all important in this most appealing drink. It mitigates some of the sourness in the drink itself.

1 1/2 measure /6tsp Cognac

1/2 measure/ 2 tsp Cointreau

1/4 measure/1 tsp maraschino

dash Angostura bitters

1/4 lemon/ 1 tsp lemon juice

  • Frost the rim of a wide tumbler by dipping it first in lemon juice and then in caster superfine sugar.

  • Hang a twist of lemon rind in it, and then fill it with cracked ice.

  • Stir all the ingredients well with ice in a pitcher until the mixture is well chilled and then strain into the prepared glass.

  • Garnish further with a half slice of orange.


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