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Learn How to make classic Top 5 Shot Cocktails

Give a kick to your shots by being more creative with your shots.

We all are big fans of cocktails but todays let's learn how to be more creative with your shot glass by serving some classic shot cocktails.

(1 measures 25ml)

Use shot glass long or shots as per drink

Alabama Slammer

Small but give perfect kick

Serves 1

1 measure Southern Comfort

1 measure Amaretto

1/2 measure sloe gin

1/2 tsp lemon juice

1- Pour the southern comfort, Amaretto and sloe gin over cracked ice in a mixing glass and stir.

2- Strain into a shot glass and add 1/2 tsp lemon juice.


Small but give super kick

Serves 1

1 measure absinthe, iced

1 measure lime juice cordial, iced

1-Ice a shot glass.

2-Shake the absinthe and lime over ice and when well frosted, strain into the shot glass.

High Flyer


2/3 measure gin

1/2 measure Strega

1/2 measure triple sec


orange or lemon peel to decorate

1- Stir the first three ingredients well over ice and strain into a tumbler.

2-Finish with a twist of peel and serve in shot glass.

Toffee Split


Crushed ice

1 measure toffee liqueur, iced

2 measure Drambuie

1- Fill a small long shot glass with crushed ice

2- Pour on the Drambuie and pour in the toffee liqueur carefully from the side of the glass so it layers on top.

3- drink immediately.

Aurora Borealis

This is very colored drink and should not be mixed


1 measure iced grappa or vodka

1 measure iced green Chartreuse

1/2 measure iced orange Curacao

few drops iced cassis

1- Pour grappa slowly round side of a well chilled shot glass.

2- Gently Pour the Chartreuse round the other side.

3- Pour Curacao gently into the middle and add few drops of cassis just before serving.

Remember not to stir this drink.

Try and test recipe before serving.


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