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Hard Road ahead for UK Hospitality Industry

Cafe , Pubs , Bars and Restaurants opening on 4 July in England

Uk hospitality industry under crisis due to Covid and Lockdown which will increase further when furlough scheme will end in July then company will have to pay half which not many businesses will be able to pay. 

We will see rise in jobloss and if reports are to be believe hotels cross UK already started laying off staff. 

One of the big central London hotel already layer-off more then half of its front of the house staff and other are following same . This crisis will go bigger  after October because business won’t be as usual and it will take time to recover. 

Industry body warns of spike in redundancies when Coronavirus furlough scheme ends and we will see spike in job-loss figures.

Cafe , Pubs ,Bars and Restaurants in England will reopen their doors first time on 4 July since lockdown begin in march and if reports are to be believe 2m rule will be reduced to 1m to make it more practical for owners as 2m rule reduce margin to more then half which was a big worry for businesses. 

Restaurants are facing tough time and many already started food delivery and takeaways in-order to generate some income but now news of reopening bought some smile on their faces.

Restaurants will still need to follow government guidelines like not setting tables in advance , taking customers details , sanitizing handles and tables after very few minutes. Guideline will be shared with bars , pubs and restaurants soon to make sure proper precaution are taken.

London food guild recommendation

Restaurants should use digital menu and avoid using paper based menu. Digital menu can be added on website and if any restaurant don't have website then we will list them on London food guild and will add digital menu.

we will do our best to help struggling restaurants and selected few will be listed free on our website and will have digital menu ready for its customers on our website.


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