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Best Restaurant in London for Vegan Food

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Best Vegan Food Restaurants offer in London

London is a city where you will find all types of restaurants but its tough to find good vegan food serving restaurants as you have to go through menu and ingredient to find which restaurant is best for you on top you never know if food is really good or not. London Food Guild has made the list for you range from Michelin Restaurants , Michelin guide restaurants and restaurants that provide finger licking vegan food at value for money that to best when you compare with other , So stop googling and searching because we have done that for you by picking best of the best. Each restaurant in the list is carefully selected by London Food guild team after review but for better experience please inform restaurant while booking for your food option. Please visit restaurant website for more details on it vegan food but we would like to inform that restaurant in the list serve other dishes as well they are not completely vegan restaurants but yes they do have vegan dishes in the menu as well.

Top 4 Best Restaurants in London for Vegan Food

1- Grand Trunk Road

Highly acclaimed Grand Trunk Road Restaurant is the trend setter Indian Restaurant who was even named in Michelin guide 2019, as well as being named Best Indian Restaurant in London by the Asian Curry Awards. Based in East London’s vibrant South Woodford, the Grand Trunk Road restaurant takes inspiration from its namesake,Grand Trunk Road restaurant offers a huge selection of dishes inspired by the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of this famous route. Grand Trunk Road Restaurant is famous for its food and has won many awards and applications for the same, their vision is to offer diners a timeless gastronomic journey filled with heady spices and delicate flavours. Mouth-watering dishes inspired by regions along the Grand Trunk Road are prepared using traditional cooking methods, demonstrating a culinary dedication to the evocative flavours of Indian history. Average Price for À La Carte starts from £8 and goes to £35 which means you really have a lot option to choose from for you Lunch /Dinner like :- Dhaba Dal £5.95 ,Chunar Ki Bhindi £6.95 etc. Feel free to contact restaurant directly for more details about vegan food option and menu.

2- Kanishka

Kanishka in the heart of Mayfair focusses on the unexplored cuisine from the so called ‘Sister States’ of India – in the North East which are – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. North East dishes use less spices and oil compared to rest of India plus cooking methods like steaming, boiling, grilling, curing and preserving are commonly used. At Kanishka, recipes are developed with North Eastern inspiration using local produce keeping in mind core values of the cuisine. Average Price for Lunch is £28 for 2 Courses and £32 for 3 Courses. Average À La Carte starts from £12 and goes to £30. Kanishka do have separate Vegan set menu as well and for more details visit restaurant website.


In the heart of Chelsea, this elegant townhouse restaurant serves Indian food that’s full of heart, elegance and tradition. Inspired by India’s vast and rich heritage and wildlife, Kutir offers diners the opportunity to enjoy traditional flavours in refined dishes alongside cocktails and a wine list full of rare finds.Kutir pays homage to India's rich heritage and wildlife - with a modern menu inspired by the history of this magnificent part of the world.Chef Rohit Ghai offers innovative takes on some of India’s best-loved dishes and ingredients. His regularly changing menu is seasonal and reflects a variety of regions of India from his experience and travels. Kutir London is a great culinary adventure and a must go place where Average price for À La Carte starts from £8 and goes to £20 and Kutir do have separate vegan À la Carte menu as well.

4- Bombay Bustle

Bombay Bustle took Inspiration from tiffin tin carriers, the institution of men who use Mumbai's local railway to deliver home cooked meals across the city length of city. Bombay Bustle not only a culinary delight but a new trendsetter in London Restaurant industry who serves mouth watering Indian food differently . Average price for À La Carte starts from £8 and goes to £29. For more detail on vegan food and menu option please list restaurant website directly.

For more details please visit restaurant website directly regarding vegan option , menu and for booking.


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